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descriptionDebian packaging for QWO (temporarily here...)
ownerYaroslav Halchenko <debian@onerussian.com>
last changeMon, 20 Jul 2009 14:35:58 +0000
2009-07-20 Yaroslav HalchenkoAdjusting Build-Depends to use recent libconfig8-dev... debian debian/0.5-2
2009-06-12 Yaroslav HalchenkoNew upstream release + changes debian/0.5-1
2009-06-12 Yaroslav HalchenkoRevert "enabling building of manpage in Makefile.am"
2009-06-12 Yaroslav HalchenkoMerge branch 'master' into debian
2009-05-28 Charles Cl... Update revision number and ChangeLog master qwo-0.5
2009-05-27 Charles Cl... Update man page
2009-05-16 Yaroslav Halchenkoupdated long description with simple removing of the...
2009-05-10 Charles Cl... Command line options should have precedence
2009-05-09 Charles Cl... Add user configurable colors
2009-04-22 Charles Cl... Update libconfig support
2009-04-16 Charles Cl... Replace default ? character in appropriate places
2009-04-15 Yaroslav HalchenkoOfficially resigning Christian from the maintainership...
2009-03-18 Charles Cl... Remove deprecated Encoding key
2009-03-17 Charles Cl... Remove gnome-common dependency
2009-03-17 Charles Cl... Remove imlib2-config call
2009-03-14 Yaroslav Halchenkoadjusting changelog -- 0.4-1 never got to debian debian/0.4+git20090303+b448a2-1
4 years ago debian/0.5-2 Uploaded 0.5-2
4 years ago debian/0.5-1 Uploading 0.5 into Debian
4 years ago qwo-0.5
5 years ago debian/0.4+git20090303+b448a2-1 Releasing 0.4 + 2 bug fixes within...
5 years ago debian/0.4-1 Debian release 0.4-1
5 years ago release-0.4 Tagging version 0.4
5 years ago debian/0.3+git20090110+6db30-1 this would be our first debian...
5 years ago release-0.3 Tag release 0.3
5 years ago release-0.2 Tag release 0.2
5 years ago release-0.1 Tag release 0.1
5 years ago debian/0.3+git20090110+6db30-1pre5 next pre-release of debian package
5 years ago debian/ORIG_CHRYS_PACKAGING
4 years ago debian
4 years ago master
5 years ago fixes
5 years ago feature/help
5 years ago feature/mwm_hints